Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Raven Award and Horrible Hair Day!

A few weeks ago at the 4th Six Weeks Awards Ceremony, Luke received The Raven Award out of all of the kids in his class. It is given each six weeks to one student for excellent behavior. We are so proud of him that his teacher picked him for this special award!!!

Luke posing with his teacher, Mrs. Knapek! Even though he does not look like it, he was very excited to get this award!

Then on another note.....Kindergarten recently had a Horrible Hair Day. So, Luke wanted his hair to be spray painted green. He looks like an unhappy Jolly Green Giant, but he was excited to do this to his hair even though he isn't smiling for the picture! Don't they do such fun things in Kindergarten!!! :)


Michelle said...

He is so freakin cute...even with green hair!! Congratulations to Luke!! Hope to see yall soon!!

Becky said...

Such a sweet boy!!!! Loved doing Cubbies and seeing him there! Miss that!
Hope that green washed out! ;)

Audra said...

Loved the New Year's card. The kids are beautiful. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Take care.